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Growing up in China Stone Zhu’s sense of self as well as his aesthetics were deeply informed by traditional cultural values and art. Culturally they are meditative, introspective, modest, and moody. Strong reds, blacks, and white fill our artworks, architecture, and sculpture. In traditional painting emptiness is highly regarded and the image is often constrained to the edges of the picture.

In contrast, Zhu’s experience of Western culture has revealed a frenetic, open, and random quality that is foreign to my sensibilities. The body is regarded with sensuality, idealism, and erotic fantasy. Zhu’s photographic practice has become a blend of these disparate and distinct cultures. The formal qualities of Chinese art are boldly present while, at the same time. Zhu has felt more able to explore his fascination with the body as an object of beauty and desire.

The achievement of balance between sophistication and simplicity is what forms the cornerstone of Stone Zhu’s lucrative career as a creative photographer. Zhu has a portfolio that reflects his prowess to combine bold images, rare skill and natural effects to produce a resounding masterpiece. His passion for creative work coupled with the ability to pay attention to detail is what has seen him come up with splendid pieces that have made their way to global magazines such Vogue in both Italy and Brazil. This exemplary photographer has amassed a lot of knowledge over the years as he has studied in prestigious institutions in China, America and Japan.

The fact that he has been previously employed in New York is a plus to his résumé as this American city is often termed as the hub of fashion excellence and rare creativity. It is while working at the Lois Greenfield Photography Studios and the International Center of Photography that Zhu was able to master the skill of being a proficient photographer and shrewd designer. The showcasing of his works in different exhibitions and art galleries is a demonstration that his work is simply astounding.

The designs that Zhu often showcases are simply breath-taking and they demonstrate the level of heightened perfection that is owned by this individual. The fact that Zhu has transcended borders with both his educational skills and work experience is sufficient proof that this designer is an individual of diverse talents. The publications held by Zhu total up to more than twenty which are spread out between the year 2015 to date. Stone Zhu is highly passionate and objective about. his career as demonstrated by his plethora of experience coupled with the ability to work in challenging and competitive environments that take him out of his comfort zone.